Son, Sun

“I taste very good with honey,” said the turnip.

“Go on, you boast!” replied the honey, “I taste good without you!”

~ ~ ~

Dear friends,

Since my baby (Luca Marin — light of the sea) was born I have been tossed ashore of any schedule. Drunk with love, time slips away. Lost in another part of the forest, my only calendar of days is how many have passed (17). I have a few topics in waiting: some thoughts on where to live, the nature of friendship, and of course I have many tales to tell you, perhaps even true ones. Meanwhile, do tell me (by comment or email) if there’s something you’d like me to write about, and I’ll try to think of something to say for you.

~ ~ ~

One little story: A long time ago, the Sun decided to marry the Moon, and invited all the animals to their wedding. The hedgehog however never showed up. The Sun went looking for him, and found him trying to chew on a stone. When the Sun asked why, the hedgehog said, “I must learn to eat stones, for once you marry, you’ll give birth to many Sun-children, and they will all shine in the sky, everything will burn, and we’ll have nothing to eat.” The Sun thought about this for a moment, and decided to call off the wedding.

Children of the Sea, Jozef Israëls, 1872